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As one of the only Pediatric Dental offices in San Antonio that offers laser treatment for procedures like frenectomy and resins, we want to answer any questions you may have about it.

  • Laser treatment is used for soft tissue surgeries such as frenulectomy, gingivectomy, treating cold sores/apthous ulcers, biopsy of tissue, and even the removal of decay from teeth.
  • Laser treatment requires little to no anesthetic and when completed, has little to no bleeding, swelling, and even soreness. This procedure also heals more quickly.
  • Infants that are unable to latch well when nursing should be evaluated by a lactation consultant immediately.
  • For infants, it is recommended to have a bottle or nurse immediately after treatment to begin stimulation. Older patients are instructed to avoid hot/spicy/acidic foods and drinks for at least 2-3 days.
  • Protective eyewear is used by all persons present during treatment, including the patient.
  • Instructions are given to prevent reattachment including nursing, eating, massages, and even sleep therapy (if needed).
  • We recommend seeing the patient 1-2 weeks after treatment has been completed and always call the office with any questions.

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