Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio, TX

At Alamo Kids Dental, our Board Certified Dentist dedicates himself to providing quality pediatric dental care for families in San Antonio. He finds children to be the most rewarding patients to treat, taking care of their needs while working to instill important habits that will preserve their oral health for years to come. Whether a child needs preventive care or requires more extensive work, our Board Certified Dentist provides compassionate care to each patient as if they were his own child.

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A Light Approach to Dentistry

San Antonio Pediatric Dentistry Our Board Certified Dentist likes to take a fun approach to dentistry, ensuring that each visit is easy for your child. Our Board Certified Dentist understands how important it is for kids to have a positive dental experience while young, as fears early in life dictates their relationship with dentists later on. Establishing solid oral hygiene habits when young helps children prioritize their oral health, encouraging them to brush and floss beyond their formative years.

Our Board Certified Dentist and his highly-trained staff are all great with kids. Our goal is for your child to look forward to dental care. Our office is decked out in kid-centric decor, including images of superheroes and dinosaurs. We also have a variety of toys and games they can play with before their appointment. We also give prizes to our Zero Cavity Club members, motivating them to pursue daily hygiene habits.

Experienced Care

With over nine years of experience, Dr. Gurr is certified to provide quality pediatric services in San Antonio. He would like nothing more than for every child to be cavity-free and works to achieve this with conservative care and providing compassionate help to parents and their kids on oral hygiene habits. Along with dietary counseling, we work to ensure the oral health of our younger patients with fluoride treatments and special, x-ray guided exams which help track teeth development and alert us to any potential problems.

Compassionate Care for Special Needs

At Alamo Kids Dental, our Board Certified Dentist and his highly-trained staff also accommodate children with special needs. We work to make all of our patients comfortable, for we understand that medical environments can be intimidating. We offer safe sedation for younger patients who need help relaxing during treatment, whether they are unable to sit still or if they need extensive treatment. Dr. Gurr treats every child as if they were his own, and wants each visit to be as rewarding and relaxing as possible.

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Your children deserve quality dental care that is both compassionate and comprehensive. Our Board Certified Dentist and his team at Alamo Kids Dental are ready to serve young smiles throughout the area.

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