Sedation Dentistry

Alamo Kids Dental provides sedation for children in San Antonio to ensure their dental experience is as comfortable as possible. Our pediatric dentist, Peter Gurr, DDS, does all that he can to create a fun and easygoing environment for children, but sometimes they require extra care to maintain their calm. We use dental sedation safely and effectively, keeping your children free from pain and anxiety for the entirety of their visit. Whether it's a routine cleaning or a more extensive procedure, our options are tailored to your child’s sedation needs.

We are experts in children’s dental care and are equipped to provide treatment for children with special needs. Contact our practice for more information about dental sedation in San Antonio, and see how we can help your child, today!

How Sedation Benefits Your Child

Our dental team is committed to providing children with the best experience possible. We have a fun, youth-centered office that helps children forget they’re at the dentist. When kids are afraid, or cannot be calmed down, dental sedation may be the best way to ensure their smile is cared for comprehensively. Sedation places your child in a relaxed physical state, allowing them a fearless and painless time at our office. Dr. Gurr administers sedation in multiple forms, each having their own benefits and best uses.

When parents request sedation, we perform a health history examination to make sure it’s safe for your child. The best method of sedation will be chosen depending on the required procedures, whether or not they are extensive, and how much time they will take. We walk parents and children through the sedation process, reviewing post-treatment care and proper expectations.

Dental Sedation in San Antonio

At Alamo Kids Dental, your child receives sedation from certified individuals with extensive training. Dr. Gurr and our team are vigilant when using sedation, keeping a close watch on your child to make sure no complications arise. Our sedation options exist in two categories: conscious and unconscious and are used according to need. Conscious sedation techniques leave children euphoric yet responsive while unconscious methods place patients in a sleep-like state.

In-Office Conscious:

Nitrous Sedation – Commonly known as laughing gas, this form is applied via mask and causes little to no side-effects. Dr. Gurr controls how much gas your child receives during the procedure, and reverses the reverses the effects with 100% oxygen when treatment is complete. Afterward, your child can return to normal daily activities assuming their dental care does not require additional rest.

Oral Sedation –Taken in liquid form, oral sedation induces a relaxed feeling with lowered anxiety and may relieve treatment discomfort. This may be a better option if nitrous is not calming enough for children. The effects of oral sedation last for a few hours after treatment and may affect their memory of the dental visit.


General Anesthesia – Reserved for extensive cases of teeth decay, where multiple treatment visits are necessary and the child is very young and/or unable to cooperate for treatment in-office due to high anxiety or other behavioral reasons. In partnership with a local hospital, Dr. Gurr safely treats patients while they are unconscious, which grants them their greatest chance at good oral health by safely completing all treatment in one visit. Whether your child has multiple cavities or has resisted visiting the dentist for some time, we will deliver compassionate care.

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We are passionate about your child’s oral health and accommodate their needs as much as possible. Dr. Gurr is well-trained and offers sedation dentistry to all children in San Antonio. We give special needs children gentle care and ensure they obtain a healthy and beautiful smile. If you are ready to schedule an appointment or have any additional questions about sedative options, please contact us at our Alamo Ranch pediatric dental office today!