Special Need Dental Care

San Antonio, TX Special Needs Dental Care

portrait of young girl with special need dental care San Antonio, TX Good dental health begins during early childhood when you bring your child in for their first routine checkup starting at one year old. From one year old on, it’s so important that you bring your child in every six months for routine cleanings and checkups with a pediatric dentist. When you have a child with special needs it may be more challenging to find the right dentist. After all, not all pediatric dentists have the experience and expertise to provide care to children with special needs, but the pediatric team here at Alamo Kids Dental does.

Why Alamo Kids Dental

The pediatric dentists here at Alamo Kids Dental in San Antonio, TX have received two additional years of advanced training to be able to provide dental care to children with special needs to make visiting the dentist a smooth, easy, and positive experience. While we strive to make every child and teen that walks through our doors feel relaxed and comfortable during their appointment, we understand that children with special needs may require unique care or services to help them feel comfortable while in our office.

We work closely with every parent that comes through our doors to make sure that their child gets the dental care they expect and deserve. We really get to know each child and their personality so that we can tailor each visit and treatment to their needs. We understand that what might make one child feel more comfortable in our office may not work for another child. We will work individually with each child and their parents to determine what special care and needs your child will require to make their appointment a successful and positive one for everyone.

Sedation Dentistry Options

In some cases, sedation dentistry may be beneficial for children with special needs. If your child has anxiety surrounding the dentist or has trouble keeping their mouths open for extended periods of time, sedation dentistry can help ease any worries and make sitting in the dentist’s chair more comfortable. Our staff and medical team are here to meet you and your child’s needs. We have worked with countless children with special needs, providing them with thoughtful, gentle, and friendly care.

We understand how important it is to find a dentist that your child feels comfortable and at ease with. Our team here at Alamo Kids Dental welcomes you and your child to our friendly, caring practice.

If you have a child with special needs, schedule their next dental appointment at our far west side San Antonio, TX office by calling (210) 951-0046 .